What To Do When Brown Water Is Coming Out of Your Tap

6 June 2022
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You'll probably be alarmed if you ever turn the tap on at home and discover that brown water is flowing from it. While this water is not necessarily contaminated and may even be safe to use, you'll nevertheless want to get to the bottom of the problem and find out what's going wrong. Could this be an issue within your own property or further afield?

Potential for Corrosion

Often, brown water is caused by corrosion that may have built up within your water pipes over time. However, if work has been taking place nearby, which may have disturbed the soil, some of the rust may have slipped off the interior wall of that pipe and into the water supply. Alternatively, there may have been a significant change in the area's water pressure, which can sometimes dislodge deposits and send them into your water supply instead.

Pipe Damage

Occasionally, the soil can shift due to seismic events or a lower water table. When this happens, underground pipes may also shift and may break. While these pipes may still be able to deliver water to your home, you may notice signs of damage that will manifest themselves in the discoloured water.

Hot Tap Issues

If you find that the brown water comes out of your hot tap but not the cold one, then it may be an issue with your water heater. Over time, sedimentation can build up on the inside of your tank, which can also break away when the temperature of the water reaches a certain point. In this case, you will need to call in a plumber who can inspect the inside of the tank, flush it out and conduct any repairs as needed. They may need to replace the anode rod to keep sedimentation and corrosion levels as low as possible.

Cold Tap Options

If the discoloured water is coming out of your cold tap and does not clear within a short space of time, ask your neighbours if they are experiencing the same situation. If they are, you need to get in touch with your local authority and ask them to fix the issue. They may need to flush out the municipal pipes to get the system back to normal. If everything is okay with your neighbours, then you should contact your plumber. They will need to find the source of the issue on your land and conduct repairs.

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