Is Your Gas Heating System in Need of Some Attention?

22 September 2022
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If you've moved into a house that uses gas for hot water and central heating, you may be wondering about its overall efficiency. You clearly want a system that can provide you with the necessary comfort going forward and something that is still efficient from a cost point of view. But how do you know if it is time to replace a heater, and what potential problems should you be looking out for along the way?

Worrying About Overall Efficiency

One of the biggest signs of a gas heater that has seen better days is a system that takes too long to heat. You may notice that the shower water is very slow to warm up to a comfortable temperature, even though you have the setting switched up to the maximum level. This is not only inefficient, but it's not environmentally friendly either, as you are wasting water while waiting for that ideal temperature. Likewise, it may take far too long for a central heater to warm up your living room, which may lead you to believe that there could be a potential issue.

Being Aware of Leaks

Older equipment can sometimes develop a leak or generate a fault. This is something that you definitely need to be aware of as there are certain dangers. The gas heater may be leaking if you notice a sulphuric smell or something that reminds you of a rotten egg. In this situation, you should vent the area by opening the windows or doors and move away from that room until you have called in a specialised plumber.

Scheduling Maintenance and Repair on a Regular Basis

As you may have just moved into the property, you should consult with the former owner or tenant to see when the gas heater or hot water system was last serviced. If it's been a great deal of time, then you should definitely call in a plumber for them to take a closer look. They'll perform any needed maintenance and certify their work. If necessary, they'll advise you to upgrade or replace any parts of the system so that everything is safe and working to its maximum efficiency.

Taking Action As Needed

Gas systems can be very cost-effective and perfectly safe as long as you schedule maintenance and repair when needed. If you have any questions about their efficiency, don't hesitate to call a gas plumber right away.