A Quick Checklist for Often-Overlooked Commercial Building Maintenance

30 March 2015
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Commercial building maintenance is not like maintaining your own home. A commercial building may suffer more wear and tear when it comes to the heating elements, and needs more maintenance outside since it sees more traffic than your home.

If you're in charge of maintaining a commercial building, consider a few aspects that are often overlooked in a commercial setting. This will ensure your building is always maintained as it should be and everything is in good repair.

1. Clean the ductwork

As with a residential home, the ductwork in a commercial building can become full of dust, dirt, rodent droppings, dead insects, and the like. A commercial building may have even dirtier ductwork than a home, if it's a production facility that produces a tremendous amount of dust and other debris.

Keeping the air clean is one reason to have a building's ductwork cleaned regularly, but another reason is to keep the furnace or boiler working as it should. These appliances must push warm air through those ducts and the more clogged they are, the harder those appliances need to work. In turn, you may see early breakdowns and higher utility bills. Have a building's ductwork cleaned at least annually if not even more often for proper maintenance.

2. Inspect the roof

It's never a good idea to wait for leaks to appear in the ceiling before inspecting the roof of a commercial building, as regular maintenance of roof is usually cheaper than the cost of repairs. It's good to perform an annual inspection of the building's roof, if not twice a year and again after any severe storms. Clear roof drains of debris, examine the flashing or roofing paper for tears or wrinkles, and note the connectors along the seams of a metal roof. Make small repairs as needed, such as gluing shut any tears in the flashing and tightening loose connectors on a metal roof. This will keep the roof in good repair.

3. Power wash parking structures and lots

A good inspection of your parking structure and parking lot should be conducted every year, and a power wash of these areas can keep them in good repair. This will help to remove any broken concrete or asphalt so you can see where repairs need to be done, and will remove a buildup of dirt, mud, sludge, and other elements that can cause cracks in the pavement. In turn, your structure or lot will be well-maintained and in good repair.

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