When To Call A Professional Plumber Rather Than Handling Repairs On Your Own

7 May 2015
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It's often tempting for homeowners to try to handle their own plumbing repairs in order to avoid the cost of a plumber. They may also assume that they can simply follow an instructional video online and learn everything they need to know about repairs.

This type of thinking is very shortsighted as there are some plumbing repairs and services that are always best left to a professional in order to ensure that the job is done right and that you don't cause more damage by trying to do the repairs on your own. Note a few plumbing services you want to leave to a professional plumber, and why.

1. Leaks coming through the ceiling tiles

One reason you don't want to address leaks that are coming through ceiling tiles on your own is that these leaks may not originate in the same spot as the discoloration on the ceiling. Remember that water droplets can travel and they will often follow the length of a pipe and cling to it until it turns or slopes, and then they will drip off the pipe. You may then see a drip coming through your ceiling and assume you should change the pipes or connectors in that area, but in truth, the real leak is coming from a completely different area.

A professional plumber will know how to check the outside of pipes so that they can determine the real origin and cause of a leak. This will mean getting the right parts replaced or sealed, so that you don't waste time or money on pipes or connectors that are not actually leaking.

2. Chronically clogged bathtub drains

The occasional clog may not be an issue in a home, but when your bathtub drain is chronically clogged, you want to call a plumber. This is because the problem may not even be inside your home, but with pipes outside the home. Tree roots may have wrapped around outside pipes so that they have caused cracks and in turn, dirt and other sediment may be building up inside and causing clogs.

Rust may have also formed around pipes and this too can slow down the flow of water through drains. Rather than trying to address this problem with caustic drain cleaners that won't actually solve these issues, call a plumber so that he or she can inspect the pipes thoroughly and solve the problem, not just address the clog.

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