When You Need to Call a Plumber Rather Than Attempt Repairs on Your Own

22 May 2015
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Some simple plumbing repairs around the house can be handled by most homeowners; with a few tools, patience, and know-how you can usually unclog a toilet or garbage disposal without the help of a plumber. However, there are some times when it's best to leave repair work to a professional in order to avoid more damage to your home's plumbing and ensure the repairs are done properly. Note the following:

1. When a toy or other item has been flushed down the toilet

If you or a child has dropped or put something in the toilet that doesn't break up very easily, you never want to try to plunge it out of the toilet. This is because a toilet usually has a type of trap that keeps very solid items out of the waste line, and that toy or set of keys or other solid item may be caught in that trap. If you were to try to plunge it from the toilet, you may simply force it into the waste line where it causes a serious backup. A plumber can actually remote the toilet bowl if necessary and retrieve the item from the trap so that it doesn't cause more damage.

2. When a clog becomes a backup and especially if you see dirt

When a clogged sink or toilet begins to actually push debris back up through the drain or toilet bowl, this is a problem best left to a professional plumber. This usually means that a clog is so bad that nothing is getting through it, not even water. In your kitchen sink, this can also mean that your garbage disposal is breaking down and this can be difficult to replace on your own. When your clog becomes a full backup, call a plumber rather than assuming you can simply use a plunger to address this issue.

While you want to call a plumber for any type of backup, you might note if a backup seems to contain soil of some sort; you may notice this especially in your bathtub drain. If this happens, this might mean that the pipes outside your home have developed cracks or leaks and are allowing dirt to seep in. This could be causing the backup, which is why you might see dirt being pulled back up the drain. If you notice this, then it's definitely time to call a professional plumber from companies such as A Aaactfast Emergency Plumbing Services so they can check the pipes outside your home for signs of leak and needed repair.