Emergency Plumber Services: Services You May Need In The Dead Of Night

17 June 2015
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Some plumbing problems don't have to be handled right away, but other problems are urgent and have to be taken care of even in the dead of night. These issues call for the services of an emergency plumber who is a 24-hour professional who can offer you solutions to pressing problems.

Pipe Services -- Your pipes are the safeguards to prevent flooding, so when one of your main pipes burst, you need an emergency plumber to fix the problem. Emergency plumbers specialize in analyzing bursts pipes and determining if they can seal the pipes, or if they have to replace the pipes. They can also fix pipes that freeze during the winter.

One of the reasons that so many pipes burst is that they are made from PVC, which is strong, but not as durable as older houses outfitted with copper pipes. Copper pipes are more costly than PVC, but they are also less likely to burst, rupture or crack, which can save you more money over the long run.

Gas Leak Services -- When you smell gas in your kitchen, but your stove is turned off, you likely have a gas leak somewhere in your gas line. Emergency plumbers can identify the source of the gas leak and turn off the gas while they make the repairs.

Leaks that are left unchecked can build up gas in your house, which can result in breathing issues, gas poisoning and even an explosion in unfortunate circumstances. Emergency plumbers use automated gas detectors to determine the level of gas in your home. Unsafe levels may require you to evacuate the premises, until the plumber has plugged the leak.

Sewer Line Blockage -- When your toilet backs up, or your bath tub water drains very slowly, it is usually a sign of a sewer line blockage. Emergency plumbers can fix that problem by running a small camera attached to a cable snake device that will reveal what is blocking your sewer line. One common cause of a sewer line block, is the presence of tree roots that have grown into the pipe and are causing sluggish movement.

In some cases, something you've flushed has gotten caught in the line and must be removed or forced out. Emergency plumbers use high-powered jet systems to flush out your sewer line. These systems are powerful enough to pulverize tree roots and other debris that may be lodged in the sewer line.

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