Frequently Asked Residential Plumbing Service Questions

25 June 2015
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Residential plumbers handle a number of plumbing issues that arise in an apartment or flat, and some are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But plumbers don't just fix leaks and repair pipes, they can also install water heaters, inspect your sewer line for obstructions and set you up with a water filtration system. So to help you out when common residential plumbing issues arise, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What Causes Water To Back Up Into The Sink? -- You have probably noticed that when your dishwasher is running, water spurts up through your sink and garbage disposal. This is because there are hoses that run from the dishwasher to your sink, regulating the flow of water required to wash your dishes, glasses and silverware. When you notice a lot of water backing up or bubbling through the garbage disposal, it's typically an indication that there is an obstruction, such as bits of food blocking the pipes. You can solve this problem by turning on the disposal as the dishwasher runs, which will suction and grind any food or debris that's trapped in the pipe.

Why Does The Garbage Disposal Makes a Humming Sound But Not Work -- In many cases, a garbage disposal that hums without grinding indicates that there is something stuck in the grinding mechanism. Before calling a plumber, you should turn off the disposal and shine a flashlight into the sink. Carefully place your hand into the disposal and remove any objects or food that is lodged in the grinder. In many cases, your disposal will now operate normally, but if it doesn't, turn off the power once again and open the cabinet under your sink. Locate the bottom of the garbage disposal, and use your fingers to search for a small reset button. Push the button and hold it that way for a few seconds, then let go. Turn on the power and check the disposal. Resetting the motor often fixes whatever was wrong with the device. If that doesn't work, you will have to call a professional.

Should One Fix A Small Tap Leak Or Small Toilet Leak? -- Many people decline to fix a leaky tap or leaky toilet if the leak isn't that big, but the problem is that, over time, that leak may cost you hundreds in wasted water. Remember that even a small leak is a constant drip of water that can add up in a short period of time. And all those litres of wasted water are going to show up on your utility bill, so get that leak fixed as soon as possible.

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