Best ways to avoid calling a plumber

24 September 2015
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Running your own home can be expensive and never is that more evident than when you encounter problems with plumbing. Calling in a plumber like Ausco Plumbing is sometimes necessary, but it is definitely cheaper and less stressful for you when you don't have to. Yet there are simple steps you can take to lessen the chances of a plumbing issue.

Clean your drains regularly

Keeping outdoor drains free of blockage is crucial. Falling leaves are a huge problem as they can soon build up and block your pipes. Even if there are no trees near your property, anything can get into outdoor pipes from drains. So clean your drains once a month and use a cover that allows water to drain but stops objects falling into pipes.

Be careful how you dispose of food

Tiny bits of left-over food from the washing up causes all sorts of chaos but can be prevented with the use of a sink strainer. Another golden rule to adhere to is to never pour cooking oil, grease or other fats down your kitchen drain. These fats solidify when cooling down, stick to pipes and are one of the most common causes of blocked pipes. So grease should be disposed of in the garbage bin. Flushing your kitchen sink with boiling water regularly is a great way to help loosen any grease stuck inside the pipes.

Be aware of what goes down drains

People do not realise how much hair goes down a drain through washing, so invest in a sink cap to catch hair. Both hair and soap residue builds up, puts pressure on the system and can cause a burst pipe. Toilets are also a common problem. So never flush anything down the loo other than bodily waste and toilet paper.

Simple tools to unblock pipes

Prevention is better than a cure, but if you do have blocked pipes then a plunger is relatively inexpensive. There are also a variety of hand augers on the market.  These bendy steel objects are great for getting to hard to reach places and dislodging blockages.

Homemade solutions for blockages

Baking soda and boiling water or baking soda and vinegar are well known combinations for unlocking pipes. If you think hair is the reason your drain is clogged, try a hair removal product.

There will come a time when you will inevitably need a plumber. But these simple methods should prevent common mistakes and keep the plumber at bay for as long as possible.