An Overview of Mains Industrial Electrical Services for Manufacturing Plants

30 October 2015
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Skilled electricians are available for all types of electrical work. If you are looking for an industrial electrical technician, you should know the different applications in order to get the right electrician. In the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to hire an electrical services company, such as Royalty Plumbing and Gas, that is specifically experienced in various industrial electrical services and projects. One of the projects or services is mains distribution and transmission.

Mains Transmission and Distribution

Distribution and transmission repair and maintenance is one type of electrical service. In manufacturing plants, underground power transmission is very common. The other type of power transmission in industrial sites is overhead distribution. It is crucial to keep this kind of power supplied out of reach and safe from employees and workers of any industrial site.

Underground Power Transmission Benefits

Apart from the creation of less environmental and visual impact that generates large opposition from surrounding communities, underground mains transmission has other unique advantages. They are:

  • Less susceptible to impacts of weather
  • Do not require a wide band of land to install
  • Can be engineered to release a low magnetic field and emit no electric field as compared to an overhead line
  • Has very low maintenance costs
  • Has the ability to absorb emergency power loads
  • Lower transmission losses

Overhead Distribution Benefits

The advantages of overhead power lines are:

  • Cheaper to maintain and set up as compared to underground
  • Lower energy losses as they do not have any conductors near them to easily transfer energy away
  • They are safer and have a lower probability of electrocuting people due to their placement
  • They do not have landscape restrictions. For example, you can install them over a river or motorway
  • They are easy to repair and maintain

The manufacturing plant will determine the type of mains distribution required. A good electrical service company should provide details on the types of distribution available and the best type of distribution for a specific kind of manufacturing plant.

Majority of manufacturing plants need professional industrial electrical services to power them. Most of electrical equipment in manufacturing plants are built to be enclosed to prevent the equipment from being tampered with and to keep the workers safe. One specialty of industrial technicians is custom enclosures. Some outside-the-box thinking is required to power large manufacturing plants due to the amount of power that is needed at all times. The electrical services you choose should develop ways to make the plant as energy efficient as possible.