3 Tips for Eliminating Shower Drain Clogs

19 February 2016
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If the water is draining slowly out of your shower or you are standing in water during your shower, there is probably a clog. The following tips will help you get rid of your current clogs and prevent future issues with the shower drain.

Clear the Drains First

Before you can prevent more serious clogs, you need to start by cleaning the drain as best you can. If the water is running slow, you know you have some type of hair or debris in the shower drain. Start by using a plunger to see if it forces the debris down into the pipes and lets the water run faster. If not, you will need to remove the drain cover first, then use an auger to remove whatever is inside. If you see clumps of hair, you can use a wire hanger to remove the hair. However, if the hair and debris is a little further down, an auger is a better option. They make manual ones and those that are used with your electric drill.

Reduce Soap Scum Build-Up

Another problem shower drains might have is the build-up of soap scum from body soap, shampoo, and even the products you use to clean the tub and shower. Enzyme cleaners are good for removing the soap scum from the bathtub in order to keep it out of the drains. It can also dissolve any soap already caught in the drains. Use this on a regular basis to help keep the drains clear. It doesn't need to be done often. Depending on how often your shower is used and how many people are in your family, it should only need to be used about once a month or so.

Use Mesh Drain Screens

In order to prevent clogs in your shower drain, you need to stop hair and other debris from entering the drain in the first place. You can do this by having a mesh screen placed over each shower and bathtub drain in your home. This is great at catching hair that falls out while showering and various other types of debris. After the shower, remove the mesh trap, empty it into the garbage can, then replace it over the drain. By doing so, you could save yourself a lot of energy by cutting down on how often you need to clean the drain.

If you are still having trouble with blocked drains, consult a plumber. It might be due to a clog further down the drain than what you can reach.