Key Solutions For A Drain That Keeps Blocking

23 February 2016
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Drains that block often can sometimes become a major problem in your home. A foul smell, dampness, and damage to your things caused by pipe leaks are among common problems caused by drain clogs. Often, drains that block regularly have a defect, or it could be that there are things you are doing or failing to do to keep the drain clean and clear.

Below are key solutions you can apply to ensure your drain does not clog again.

Use a Drain Filter or Grate

Drains often block because of an overload of solid substances that accumulate over time and clog the pathways. Buy a drain grate and fit it, or hire a plumber to fit it at the drain opening where water passes through when it drains. Drain grates come in varying shapes and sizes depending on where and how you want to use them. Ensure you get the right size and design that fits your needs.

Pour Hot Water

Pour hot water into the drain so as to melt and drain away fat and grease. Fat and grease are among the top causes of drain clogs, especially in kitchen drains. However, fat and grease can also be present in other drains.

Use some baking powder and vinegar together with the hot water for better results. Pour in the baking powder and vinegar aiming directly at the drain opening and then pour in a small amount of hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour hot water in large quantities. Baking powder mixed with vinegar loosens up sticky sludge that often accumulates and blocks drains.

Avoid Solid Waste

Avoid pouring water containing solid waste such as foodstuffs, hair, broken glass, and mud through your drains. Any form of solid waste is never good for your drain. Solid waste does not drain easily, and the situation gets worse for narrow pipes. Filter wastewater before pouring it in the drain, or let the dirt settle for a few minutes and drain just the wastewater.

Use a drain plunger regularly to clear any debris that may accidentally get into the pipes. Doing this will help clear the system and prevent regular clogs of your drain.

Check Your Drain for Defects

It's possible that your drain keeps blocking because of a defect in the pipes or faulty drainage set-up. Check the drainage system for any visible defects. Some defects such as a bend or breakage can be identified simply from the outside. Another way to identify if there are any defects is checking for leaks. A leak often means something in not working right. In case of any drain defects, call a plumber like Nu-Jet  and have the problem fixed.

Apply the solutions above to get rid of that drain clog once and for all.