Reasons to Install a Tile Insert Drain in Your Bathroom

10 November 2020
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The spread of tiles across a bathroom floor often creates one of the most beautiful aspects of the room. Unfortunately, in the past, the shower drain would break up the tiles with an unattractive chunk of metal. However, you can now install a tile insert drain. Read on to discover several of their advantages. 

Seamless Look

These insert grates don't spoil decorative and patterned tiles, as they contain a similar tile within their centre. The narrow edging around the tile allows the water to drain. This innovative design makes the grate almost invisible, thus not breaking up the seamless surface. Conversely, standard drains interrupt the shower floor with metal detailing that contrasts with the tiles and draws attention away from their colours and textures. 

Different Shapes

Tile insert drains come in both square and strip designs, both of which echo the straight lines of the tile grout. While a square model often sits in the shower centre with all four sides sloping in its direction, a strip design fits along the shower edge, so the floor slants in that direction. The tiles just need cutting to fit in the drain container. Thus, you can select which style you prefer. Some linear strip models drain water more quickly than square styles with less draining area.

Install in Various Areas

You can install these insert drains in various places around the home. As well as showers, they can drain water in the general floor area in bathrooms, laundries, and outdoors. Insert tile drains create smoother and safer walking surfaces than drains with gaps, as high heels can get stuck in the grooves.

Removable for Easy Cleaning

You can remove the tile insert part of the unit to provide access to the drain underneath. Thus, you can quickly clear out any clogged hair and debris stuck within the holes.

Resilient Stainless Steel

While some forms of steel can rust, stainless steel resists this decay as it contains chromium, which naturally protects the metal. Thus, stainless doesn't need any covering layers to shield it from moisture damage due to this inbuilt protection. Because of its resilience,  you can install these stainless steel floor wastes both indoors and outdoors without worrying about them degrading. Often drains use marine grade stainless steel that offers even more robust protection.

Thus, stainless steel tile insert drains preserve your beautiful tiling surfaces. They come in square and strip models, which you can install both inside and outside. Plus, you can take out the centre part to clean the drain underneath.

Contact a plumbing company, like Hydro Construction Products, to learn more about stainless steel floor wastes.