5 Plumbing Emergencies That Require the Attention of a Professional Plumber

9 July 2021
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Most modern homes are built with robust water and sewage systems. But that does not mean they last forever. Your plumbing system will experience an issue at one point in time. While some issues are easy to fix, some may require the attention of a trained plumber. This article looks at five plumbing emergencies which only a plumber can fix.

1. Overflowing Toilets 

When your toilets are overflowing, the first step you should take is to shut off the water. After that, you need to call in a plumber. A toilet overflow often indicates clogging in the toilet drain. In this situation, the plumber will unblock the toilet to improve water flow. Apart from clogged pipes, there are numerous reasons why your toilet may be overflowing, and this is why you must have the plumber fix the problem. 

2. Flaws in the Water Heater System

The hot water system is bound to break down regularly due to excess use. When your system begins to show unusual signs such as coloured water, strange smells and cold water, you should get it fixed by a plumber. Leaving the issue unattended can worsen it or lead to an accident. DIY repair for the water heater system is not advisable since the unit is connected to electricity, which is risky. 

3. Leaking and Burst Pipes

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is the leaking and bursting of pipes. Fixing a leaking pipe may be easy since all you need is to fasten the loose fittings. But, you should contact a plumber when dealing with a burst pipe. Pipes mainly burst due to extreme wear and tear. The best solution in this situation is to replace the pipe. This task requires specialised skills and tools, which is why it is necessary to call a plumber. 

4. Failure of the Sump Pump

The sump pump is designed to remove excess water. If the pump is not functioning, check to see if debris prevents the impeller from moving. If there are no traces of debris, you need to hire a plumber to diagnose the underlying problem. 

5. Clogged Sinks 

Every homeowner has had to repair a clogged sink at one time or another. This problem can be easily repaired by using a plunger. But if that does not work, you should get a plumber to fix the issue because persistent clogging may signify a deeper problem in the entire drainage system. 

Plumbing emergencies can be pretty stressful because they cause severe damages and many inconveniences. Therefore, you should call an emergency plumber when you encounter any of the issues discussed above.