Top Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber When Water Pipes Freeze

10 August 2021
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Proper water pipe placement is essential when designing homes; for instance, it helps protect water pipes from subfreezing temperatures. However, pipes installed in crawl spaces, such as the attic, underneath floorboards and exterior walls, are constantly exposed to cold temperatures. Unfortunately, the subzero temperatures can lead to frozen pipes, which is the last thing you want in your plumbing system. When you experience frozen pipes in your home, an emergency plumber can help prevent possible catastrophic events. Here is what you can expect from an emergency plumber working on frozen pipes.

Prevent Burst Pipes — Burst water pipes are the last thing a homeowner wants because of the scale of damages involved. Unfortunately, it only takes a few hours or minutes for a frozen pipe to burst and flood your entire home, especially if the water pressure is high. Besides, the damage can leave your home inhabitable for weeks, affecting your daily routine significantly. Since you have a small window to prevent frozen pipes from bursting, it is vital to call an emergency plumber immediately. A professional will assess the extent of the problem and attempt to thaw the ice from the pipes. The process relieves pressure on water pipes, preventing potential rupture.

Restore Normal Water Flow — When you turn on your faucet and water does not come out, the chances are high that you have frozen pipes. Sadly, most people do not know that the absence of water is the first and most apparent sign of frozen pipes, especially in winter. Notably, you have to look for a different water source if you do not act immediately. It can be extremely frustrating, particularly on a weekend when you need water for general cleaning. However, an emergency plumber has the expertise to restore normal water flow in your home, mitigating any frustrations on your part. For instance, a plumber will eliminate frozen water inside the pipes, allowing liquid water to flow through. In most cases, thawing frozen pipes can take a couple of minutes to a few hours.

Prevent Heat Damage to Frozen Pipes — Today, most homeowners are DIY enthusiasts and prefer to address frozen pipes themselves rather than spend money on an emergency plumber. Therefore, some homeowners apply heat to pipes to melt the frozen water. However, it increases the chances of damaging water pipes, especially if they are plastic. An emergency plumber understands that the best way to unfreeze frozen pipes is to increase the ambient temperature around frozen sections gradually. The technique prevents damages and restores water flow to your faucets.