Different Methods of Leak Detection You Can Carry Out Around the Home

16 December 2015
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Typically, leaks tend to be slow, and this makes them harder to detect by homeowners who are not in search of them in the first place. However, ignoring or simply not being aware of these seemingly slow leaks can prove to be quite hazardous. For one, leaks can cause wastage of gallons of water over an extended period of time. This will result in exorbitant utility charges. Additionally, leaving leaks undeterred could also pose a serious risk to the foundation of your home as well as its overall structural integrity. Read More 

How To Clear A Simple Toilet Blockage Before Calling The Plumber

2 December 2015
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There are few things more unpleasant or inconvenient than a blocked toilet.  There are a number of possible reasons for your loo refusing to clear; a blockage within the loo itself, a blockage in the pipework a little further down, a blockage deep within the domestic pipework or in drainage system outside your property.  In the case of the latter two options, you'll need to call the plumber to fix the problem. Read More 

Choosing between steel and copper fittings for industrial use

9 November 2015
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Piping for plumbing purposes comes in many different varieties. In an industrial environment, there are higher demands on the piping than in a domestic environment. This is why, for example, soft plastic piping isn't as common in industrial environments as in residential areas. There is also another thing that must be considered when maintaining piping for your industry's plumbing needs than just the pipes, and this is regarding the fittings. Two very common materials used for industrial fittings are steel and copper. Read More 

An Overview of Mains Industrial Electrical Services for Manufacturing Plants

30 October 2015
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Skilled electricians are available for all types of electrical work. If you are looking for an industrial electrical technician, you should know the different applications in order to get the right electrician. In the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to hire an electrical services company, such as Royalty Plumbing and Gas, that is specifically experienced in various industrial electrical services and projects. One of the projects or services is mains distribution and transmission. Read More 

Best ways to avoid calling a plumber

24 September 2015
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Running your own home can be expensive and never is that more evident than when you encounter problems with plumbing. Calling in a plumber like Ausco Plumbing is sometimes necessary, but it is definitely cheaper and less stressful for you when you don't have to. Yet there are simple steps you can take to lessen the chances of a plumbing issue. Clean your drains regularly Keeping outdoor drains free of blockage is crucial. Read More